The connected frontline workplace

Crew is a frontline employee app that helps companies streamline communication, scheduling, recognition and more across distributed teams.

We provide employees and leaders a simple and secure digital workplace to access the information, motivation and people they need to do exceptional work together



Active users


Communications per week


Communication & engagement

Connect employees with the people and information they need to do exceptional work. 

One-tap shift coverage

Reduce time spent communicating schedule updates and finding shift coverage. 

Recognition & motivation

Inspire great work and increase retention by highlighting outstanding work and sharing across the team. 

Files & tasks

Keep everyone on the same page and aligned around company goals with the information they need. 

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Customers love Crew

“Before Crew, our managers spent an hour every week calling around for shift coverage, and another two or three hours waiting for people to call them back. Now, they spend five minutes sending a message on Crew, and usually get coverage within a half hour.”

Dan Skinner
Director of Operations, ES-O-EN

“My stores that consistently use Crew to thank employees for doing a good job with cleanup, or covering a shift, or a whole host of other things are the ones doing really, really well with their key performance metrics.”

Joe Kerns
Director of Operations, SVPH

“The most valuable impact we’ve seen from Crew is the reduction in time spent communicating, which inevitably branches into time spent figuring out what goes where.”

Steven Ayers
COO, Kay Pharmacy

“Teams are more effective when they're in communication with each other. Crew helps us improve the customer experience by keeping everyone on the same page. In one store, we saw VOC improve from 73% to 90%.”

Cathy Blankman
Growth Leader, K-MAC

“One of the biggest benefits we get from Crew is better, more streamlined communications at all levels of our hierarchy. I feel like I know everybody in our organization, even though I've never met some of them in person. I can quickly blast updates out to every single employee.”

Amir Syed
COO, Syed Restaurant Enterprises

“Because Crew fosters a positive work culture and great teamwork, it has become essential to our business. It transforms the way we communicate and makes employees happier - and when they're happy they provide better customer service.”

Claire Cummings
Director of HR, Photogenic, Inc. 


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We’re focused on creating a world-class product to connect, engage, and motivate teams. We believe in the power of teamwork, listening to our customers and operating a touch above the speed limit. Crew is a diverse group of hard-working people who are committed to building something amazing while having lots of fun along the way. 

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