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Connect frontline employees and leaders to the information, motivation, and people they need to do exceptional work together.


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“Operators have so much on their plates—they can’t add more. Crew takes away the steps that shouldn’t be there, so they can focus on what they do best.”


Mazen Albatarseh
VP Operations & Chief People Officer,

Team communication

Keep employees engaged and informed with top-down announcements in a familiar chat-like interface.

Crew app corporate update

Scheduling & shift coverage

Give all employees instant access to the schedule in their pockets and make shift swapping as easy as a tap.

Crew app calendar

Recognition & motivation

Inspire great work and build a productive team culture by highlighting outstanding performance and why it matters.

Crew app Gold Stars

Knowledge management

Ensure your team is aligned and informed amid changing people, goals, and market dynamics.

Crew app Files

Employee surveys

Keep a pulse on employee sentiment and get real-time feedback on key questions.

Crew app employee survey

Enterprise management

Keep thousands of employees aligned and connected with a powerful enterprise management console.


I’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, and this is the most important tool we’ve ever given our managers.

John Marsella, Jr.
President and CEO

Crew has been an invaluable tool for our employees, managers and above-store leaders. It helps us share best practices, make sure shifts are filled before they start, and keeps the team aligned around daily, weekly and monthly goals. There's no overstating the impact it’s had.

Gerry Smith,
Director of Operations
Donovan Networks 

Inventory is always a stressful time for the grocery department. Crew lets us share videos of how we want things done so everyone can learn together, rather than relying on managers to cascade information individually.

Brian Zamzow
District Manager
Harps Foods

Crew helps employees engage, feel like part of the organization, and know their role is important – all of which mitigates turnover. This platform is taking our communications to a level we didn’t even realize was possible.

Trevor Parris
Director of Compliance & Reporting
Affinity Living Group

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