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through communication

Published February 21, 2019

Devoted to creating the best life for thousands of residents

With more than 100 communities, Affinity Living Group is the largest senior housing provider in the southeastern United States and is continuing to grow to meet the demands of the baby boomer generation.



Team members







From outdated & siloed
to unified & connected

After years of inefficient and unreliable communication tactics like bulletin boards, Affinity Living Group deployed Crew to take their organization to the next level. Crew enabled Affinity to connect its entire organization from the CEO to the frontline caregivers, making sure communication flows seamlessly across a large, distributed workforce.

Devices showing laptop, ipad and phones

“Crew helps employees engage with the company, feel like they’re part of the organization, and have self-worth that their role is important – all of which is mitigating turnover.

This platform is taking our communications to a whole new level that we didn’t even realize was possible before Crew.”


Trevor Parris
Business Systems Administrator
Affinity Living Group


Communication that meets the needs of a complex, distributed organization

With more than 7,500 team members across 100+ locations, Affinity Living Group needed a communication platform that would connect their entire organization but that would also allow them to maintain control. Crew is structured to mirror Affinity's internal hierarchies, ensuring that the right communication reaches the right team members and that relevant employees can collaborate quickly and seamlessly.


Empowered managers

Managers can instantly reach their entire teams through Crew, saving thousands of hours annually and allowing them to focus on more important tasks and issues. Real-time collaboration and communication between team members eliminates further wasted time and inefficient processes, improving shift coverage by 20%. 


Company-wide communication

The corporate office can share important updates via one-way announcements and a company-wide knowledge base. From guidelines to prepare for inclement weather to specific notes for welcoming a new resident, Crew allows transparency and accountability, ensuring that information is reaching the right team members at the right time.


Improved employee retention

Crew's scheduling and enablement of real-time communication has vastly improved retention for the Affinity team. The first eight locations to onboard with Crew saw turnover drop to just 18% in one quarter – 83% lower than average staff turnover for the rest of the company. In addition, Crew helps to bring down labor costs by giving managers more options for shift coverage, reducing the percentage of total payroll going to overtime.

Safe, simple, and compliant communication

Affinity Living Group sets Executive Directors and caregivers up for success with built-in compliance tools and a simple app interface.

Fast and easy shift coverage

Optimize labor costs by allowing employees to exchange shifts with manager approval

Admin controls

Managers have complete control over all communication and conversations

Content filtering

Inappropriate content is automatically hidden to keep conversations professional

Support HIPAA compliance

Automatically filter patient data (including PHI and PII) out of messages

“At first, we brought in Crew to help make the company better from a management perspective, but what has been really great is to give something back to our employees. It’s been an unexpected bonus to see how much our frontline staff love Crew because it helps them succeed and know their job matters for the future of the business.”


Trevor Parris
Business Systems Administrator
Affinity Living Group

Building culture & reinforcing company values

In addition to the operational benefits that Affinity Living Group has gained by deploying Crew, it has also seen significant gains in terms of employee engagement and building a stronger team and culture. These have resulted in marked decrease in team member turnover, further strengthening the company’s position as an employer of choice.

Phone with Gold Star recognition

Public recognition

Managers are enhancing the company’s existing employee recognition program with Crew's Gold Stars, which employees can accumulate and exchange for gift cards or days off.

Phone with Happy Birthday message

Team celebrations

Crew facilitates public celebration of important events and milestones -- whether that be birthdays, new team members, work anniversaries, and accomplishments -- contributing to an even greater sense of shared purpose and team culture.

Phone with communication groups

Connected team members

Through better communication and visibility, Affinity Living Group has been able to create a more cohesive culture and help people at all levels and locations feel more connected with the company’s leadership.

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