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Rapid deployment and adoption

Taco Bell rapidly deployed Crew to its corporate-owned locations and made it available to the broader franchise system. Crew's frictionless onboarding and dedicated support enabled the roll out to 140,000+ Taco Bell corporate and franchise team members quickly and efficiently.



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Connection through communication

With Crew, Taco Bell has the ability to enable real-time communications to team members to manage shift coverage, push top-down announcements, or recognize excellent team members. This ease and transparency of communication seamlessly keeps the team on the same page, from the boardroom to the break room.


“Being able to communicate and engage with our frontline workforce is absolutely critical to our success. With Crew, we can reach every team member with important information at the touch of a button, and that is invaluable at our size and scale.”


Steve Plank
Chief Technology Officer
Taco Bell 


Super-powered scheduling

Crew automatically stays in sync with the various scheduling systems leveraged by Taco Bell corporate and franchisees to streamline burdensome workflows and driving higher team productivity and results.


Mobile-friendly schedules

All team members have real-time access to the schedule via seamless integration to the BOH scheduling system.

+40% more shifts covered →


Unburdened managers

Employees can easily request shift changes and pick up extra shifts via a self-serve shift marketplace, saving managers critical time. 

+83% faster shift coverage →


Empowered teams

Employees get the hours and flexibility they need to improve work-life balance and ultimately to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

+17% higher customer satisfaction →

Safe, secure, and compliant communication

Taco Bell sets managers and team members up for success with built-in guardrails and compliance tools

Off-the-clock notifications

Prevents off-the-clock communications by notifying employees in-app

Admin controls

Managers have complete control over all communication and conversations

Content filtering

Inappropriate content is automatically hidden to keep conversations professional

User flagging

Users have options for content flagging and escalation paths for sensitive or offensive content

“Crew’s Compliance Suite gives us the control we need to effectively leverage technology with our team members. We can harness the power of mobile while ensuring that it’s being used in the right way and giving us the insight and guardrails we need for team members who choose to use the app.”


Eric Phernambucq
Restaurant Transformation
Taco Bell 

Business continuity during crisis

Taco Bell franchisees have used Crew to keep managers and employees aligned
amid rapidly changing COVID-19 procedures

Slack Announcement on Crew

Top-down announcements

One-way messages directly to the frontline, with explicit acknowledgement for critical communications, ensures everyone is in the know.

Crew Chat

Real-time collaboration

Structured, hierarchical communication helps teams communicate effectively and respond to changing circumstances and procedures.

Crew Team Files

Team source of truth

Franchisees can create a mobile-friendly destination for employees to access the latest policies and procedures.

“With COVID-19, team members need to feel a sense of safety and know what we’re doing for them. Better communication through Crew has been a key part of achieving that.”

“We quickly learned that Crew is the best communication tool out there for us, especially now. It became a great way to house all of our documents. Anything we were changing along the way—procedures, policies—get uploaded up there.”

Kathy Mullane
VP - HR & Training
Summerwood franchise organization (100+ locations)


Overall customer satisfaction has climbed from 66% to over 70% since adopting Crew.

Dan Skinner
Director of Operations
ES-O-EN franchise

I’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, and this is the most important tool we’ve ever given our managers.

John Marsella, Jr.
President and COO
Summerwood franchise

We have over 6,000 employees, and Crew helps us with communication, connection across the organization, and retention—particularly in keeping the K-Mac “family” atmosphere alive.

Matthew Parry
Director of People Development
K-MAC franchise

Crew has made it much faster and easier to find and optimize coverage so we can serve our customers.

David Morrison
VP of Operations
Tacala franchise

Crew has been a major contributor to improving our staffing levels and connecting directly with all our employees. Overall, it's contributed to a 5% lift in customer satisfaction.

Stephen Nicolaysen
ES-O-EN franchise

Operators have so much on their plates. Crew takes away the steps that shouldn't be there, so our operators can focus on running their restaurants.

Mazen Albatarseh
Chief People Officer
Tacala franchise

“Crew connects me to 
8,000 employees with the tap of a button.”

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