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Get up and running in less than a week with our quick and supported deployment process.

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Easy for any team

Team communication only works if everyone participates. Crew was designed for easy adoption and usage at the frontline, so everyone stays on the same page.

Ensure your whole team is on Crew with adoption paths that work for every person (e.g. QR Code, Phone, Email, Bulk Upload, Integrations, etc.).

Crew is a modern, simple app designed to mirror the experience in consumer messaging apps that your team is already using in their daily lives.


Proven deployment model

Crew has been deployed to complex organizations managing hundreds of teams globally. Our team of specialists is dedicated to ensure your rollout is successful.

Business and Enterprise customers receive live virtual trainings for multi-unit leaders, managers, and team members, so everyone is set up to hit the ground running.

Detailed deployment guides, help center content, and live in-product chat are available to ensure you can tackle any problem you may encounter.

“As a longtime IT professional, Crew has been the easiest software I’ve deployed. Its technology is flexible and open so it complements existing systems well. Plus, employees sign up with their phone number and authenticate via text. Getting started is frictionless, and I don’t have to worry about password management for thousands of frontline employees.”

Tasha Lucas
IT Director, Primary Aim LLC
(Wendy's Franchisee)