Improved employee engagement at Harps

Connected to what matters

Harps employees are engaged with all activities in the store from day one. Crew allows instantaneous access to work schedules, files, and employee rosters, giving new team members a virtual introduction as early as their very first shift.

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Bye bye bulletin boards

Prior to Crew, each Harps location used an old-fashioned system for scheduling - a physical bulletin board. Now with Crew, the schedule is instantly accessible in each team member and manager’s pockets.


“The benefit of Crew is that from day one, associates are engaged in all activities in the store. Engaged associates are happier, they work harder, they are more proficient and that translates into better customer service.”

Brian Zamzow
District Supervisor

Super-powered scheduling

Employees now have the visibility to see which departments need help with shifts across the entire store. With Crew, employees can easily release and pick up shifts on their own. Managers can approve shift swaps quickly, saving valuable time and avoiding frantic last-minute coverage.

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Streamlined schedules

Crew gives real-time access to schedules and changes. This eliminates having to keep up with paper schedules posted in the break room.

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Simplified shift coverage

Employees can easily exchange shifts within Crew. Managers have the ability to approve in seconds, allowing them to spend less time worrying about schedule changes.

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Accountable teams

Employees have the opportunity to find shift coverage themselves to avoid conflict. This enables associates to present managers with a solution before it becomes a problem.

Safe, controlled, and compliant communication

Harps Foods sets their teams up for success with built-in guardrails and compliance tools

Content filtering

Inappropriate content is automatically hidden to keep conversations professional

Admin controls

Managers have complete control over all communication and conversations

Fast and easy shift coverage

Optimize labor costs by allowing employees to exchange shifts with manager approval

User flagging

Users have options for content flagging and escalation paths for sensitive or offensive content

Happy employees, happy customers

With over 100 locations, night & day crews, and many different departments, best practices were rarely recorded and usually quickly forgotten. Now with Crew, Harps employees can be publicly recognized for appreciated behavior. Gold stars encourage the team to continue an exceptional customer service cycle. 

Deli Managers chat on phone screen

Share best practices

The Everyone chat allows employees to send out information to an entire team at the same time. While structured group chats help teams communicate productively. 

Gold Star award

Celebrate employees

Gold Stars are a positive way to boost company morale by honoring team member achievements. Managers can thank employees, and peers can thank each other.

Team Resources phone screen

Access resources

Every associate can access mobile-friendly information, including important numbers, links, protocols, and guidelines. 

“We have all our different organizations within the app, such as closing managers, the store, and the district and department managers, and that makes it easier to share the right info with the right people, right away.”

Frank Ray
VP of Human Resources
Harps Foods

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