Knowledge Management

Ensure your team is aligned and informed amid changing people, goals, and market dynamics.

Team resources

Build a knowledge base within Crew providing employees with a central source of truth for critical job-related information.
Phone showing team resources page and important information

Company files

Share important documents and resources with employees across the company.
Phone showing files where employees can check information

Dedicated channels

Bring your team together to share ideas and make decisions around any topic.
phone showing a conversation

“With COVID-19, team members need to feel a sense of safety and know what we’re doing for them. Better communication through Crew has been a key part of achieving that.”

“We quickly learned that Crew is the best communication tool out there for us, especially now. It became a great way to house all of our documents. Anything we were changing along the way—procedures, policies—get uploaded up there.”

Kathy Mullane
VP of HR & Training, Summerwood
Taco Bell Franchisee

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