Personal care,

connected here.

Connect frontline trainers, stylists, and personal care employees to the information they need to succeed.

“Crew is essential for the communication purposes alone. We have 1300 employees across 14 locations; being able to communicate the message to everyone - the way we intend it - is paramount for us.”

Amber Campbell, VP of Operations, Tricoci Salon & Spa

Safe & productive

  • Instantly notify all frontline employees of new initiatives
  • Keep conversations relevant by creating employee groups based on roles, skills, and other criteria
  • Ensure messages remain work appropriate with automatic content filtering and reporting functionality
  • Protect your company by remotely wiping data from employee devices when needed

Engage & retain employees

  • Motivate staff, celebrate milestones, and identify future leaders with recognition programs customized to fit your company objectives
  • Share best practices and upcoming promotions to thousands of employees,  with the click of a button
  • Get a real-time pulse on employee morale with employee pulse surveys

Schedule distribution & shift coverage

  • Give staff immediate access to the schedule and equal access to shifts
  • Improve productivity by enabling employees to exchange shifts in a dynamic shift marketplace
  • Comply with labor regulations (e.g. EEOC, Fair Workweek, etc.) by mandating managers adhere to weekly schedule deadlines

Operations that hum

  • Improve the bottom line by keeping frontline teams aware of company goals and expectations
  • Increase employee accountability by integrating alerts and actions from your existing business systems
  • Audit message history of individual conversations to protect your company and employees   

“Crew’s communications platform is like a meeting of the minds, bringing us together as an organization to seize opportunities and solve problems. It also helps us deliver a clear and concise message from leadership on down, so everybody’s hearing about goals and expectations first-hand.”

Tracy Toomer

Tracy Toomer
VP of Operations, United PF