Crew launches Task Management platform, guaranteeing flawless frontline execution  

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Tuesday, March 30, 2021) —Crew, the #1 digital workplace platform, unveiled Task Management, a new task execution platform for organizations with large, distributed frontline teams. This latest development is specifically designed to help organizations whose successful operations hinge on the consistent and coordinated performance of their frontline workers.

“Guided by valuable customer feedback, we built this platform to help distributed teams stay laser-focused on getting the right work done, at the right time, by the right team,” says Adam Proschek, Product Manager at Crew. “The platform is designed to put tasks right at employees’ fingertips, in-line with the workflows they’re already seeing.”

Task Management is another critical spoke in Crew’s digital workplace hub, enhancing frontline execution with the precision of real-time, bidirectional communication. Leaders of distributed workforces can now manage and assign tasks to specific locations, shifts and roles by adding them right inline with existing communication streams and other critical workflows. This tight integration adds necessary layers of context, guaranteeing greater accountability across the organization. Frontline team members have vital tasks at their fingertips, especially crucial as they navigate ever-evolving health and safety guidelines.

“We’re thrilled about today’s launch, which represents a major extension of Crew’s core communication experience, already a hub for employee engagement,” says Broc Miramontes, Chief Executive Officer at Crew. “This new platform gives leaders the tools they need to drive levels of efficiency and effectiveness that they simply cannot access with what is available to them today,” “Equipped with robust task management, leaders can easily maintain real-time visibility into progress across all teams.”

For organizations looking to refine execution, Crew’s task management platform gives leaders a streamlined way to implement and consistently execute a cohesive company strategy quickly and efficiently, at a time when speed and efficiency have never been more important.

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Crew is the #1 digital workplace trusted by the world’s largest enterprises to streamline post-COVID-19 operations. Core to the platform is a highly engaging, secure mobile app that transforms how work gets done for frontline teams. Crew better connects organizations through communication, optimizes labor through streamlined scheduling and staffing workflows, and builds culture through public recognition and motivation. Crew helps more than 40,000 organizations create more productive frontline teams. To learn more, visit

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